Office of the Governor

As the County’s overall CEO, the Governor has a range of responsibilities to ensure effective governance and development in the county. 

The Governor is responsible for executing the functions and authority granted by the Constitution and legislation, representing the county in national and international events, appointing and constituting the County Executive Committee Members, submitting plans and policies for approval, considering and approving bills, providing leadership to the county's governance and development, promoting democracy, good governance, unity, and peace within the county, ensuring accountability for county resources, facilitating citizen participation in policymaking and service delivery, and submitting annual reports on citizen participation and performance to the County Assembly. 

Additionally, the County Governor chairs meetings of the County Executive Committee, Intergovernmental forum, and other committees or fora established at the County level. 

The County Governor also exercises disciplinary control over County Executive Committee members and appoints accounting officers for county departments, entities, or decentralized units.

Office of the Governor


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A Healthy and Wealthy County Living in Harmony with the Environment

Sector Projects

In the 100 days since the assumption of office, the county government has made significant strides in enhancing public participation in the developmen...
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