Ndhiwa Municipality

Ndhiwa Sub County, located within Homa Bay County, is one of the eight sub counties in the region. It’s also known as Ndhiwa Constituency, represented by Honorable Martin Peters Owino in Kenya's parliamentary system. Constituency Number 250, Ndhiwa is home to a vibrant community with a population of approximately 298,080 residents in the 7 wards, inhabiting an area spanning around 702 square kilometers.

Economically, Ndhiwa Sub County thrives on a blend of farming, agriculture, and trade. The region is known for its active participation in these sectors, contributing to both local sustenance and commercial endeavors. Notably, Ndhiwa houses a sugar factory, adding a significant economic dimension to the area's economic landscape.

With its rich cultural heritage, agricultural prominence, and trade activities, Ndhiwa Sub County stands as a vital part of Homa Bay County, offering a unique blend of natural beauty and community enterprise.