Agriculture Livestock Production

This department is responsible for aligning and implementing state department policies at the county level, organizing and coordinating agricultural trade fairs, exhibitions and shows, developing and disseminating appropriate technologies, capacity building, providing field extension services and advisory services. The department also focuses on food security and nutrition campaigns, food safety, organic farming, farmer organizations, youth and entrepreneurship, market development and value addition initiatives, livestock development and animal welfare, disease management, primary animal health care and market development. In summary, the department's main focus is on promoting and developing sustainable agricultural practices for the benefit of the county's farmers and community.


Agriculture Livestock Production


‘To improve livelihoods of the people of Homa Bay County through promotion of competitive agriculture, innovative research and sustainable livestock and fisheries development.


‘An innovative, commercially oriented and modernized agriculture, livestock and fisheries sector’.

Organization of the Department

The department is organized into the following directorate

Joseph Oyugi Magwanga
Joseph Oyugi Magwanga
CEC Member for Agriculture and Livestock Production

Hon. Joseph Oyugi Magwanga is the deputy governor of Homa Bay County and also serves as the County Executive Member in charge of the Agriculture and Livestock production portfolio. Hon. Magwanga has a wealth of experience, being a seasoned public servant. With a proven track record in public administration, Hon. Magwanga is committed to improving agricultural productivity and enhancing livestock management in the county. His leadership focuses on implementing innovative policies to boost food security, increase farmer incomes, and promote sustainable practices.

Sector Projects

Maize mill roars to life within 100 days as promised On Friday, November 4, 2022, the County Government of Homa Bay successfully launched its new maiz...
A significant initiative by the county government to address the challenges faced by our farmers. With an investment of Ksh 44 Million, we have purcha...
The County Government of Homa Bay has launched a Cotton Aggregation Center and Tractor Transport system in Magare, Homa Bay West Ward. This infr...
The launch of the Pamba Mwandu Program marks a significant step towards reviving cotton farming and production in Homa Bay County, paving the way for ...
In Rawinji, West Kamagak, an exciting initiative was launched to boost sunflower farming in the county. The distribution of 27,250 kg of sunflower see...
With the onset of the March/April/May long rains planting season, the county government initiated a ward-based seeds distribution program to ensure fo...
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