Finance and Economic Planning

The department is accountable to the Governor in the exercise of its powers and performance of its duties and responsibilities. Some of its key responsibilities include attending and appearing before committees of the County Assembly, administering the county Government Emergency Fund, managing the budget process for the county government, and coordinating the development of the County Integrated Development Plan. The department is also responsible for ensuring the budget process is conducted in accordance with the Public Finance Management Act, 2012, preparing and submitting budget estimates and other documents, and responding to the Auditor General's Management Letters and Annual Audit reports.

Organization of the Department

The department is organized into the following directorates

1. Head of Accounts

2. Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

3. Director Revenue

4. Director Planning

5. Director Procurement


6. Director Budget

Finance and Economic Planning


The department exists ‘to build and preserve excellence in economic planning and financial management through optimal resource mobilization, allocation and utilization to ensure inclusive and sustainable development’.


The department envisions ‘excellence in economic planning, financial management and service delivery for inclusive and sustainable prosperity.’

Organization of the Department

The department is organized into the following directorate

Hon. Solomon Obiero
Hon. Solomon Obiero
CEC Member for Finance and Economic Planning

Hon. Solomon Obiero is a highly accomplished leader serving as the County Executive Committee Member for Finance and Economic Planning. He comes from Karachuonyo.

Sector Projects

Governor Gladys Wanga has implemented a new cashless revenue collection system in Homa Bay county, resulting in an increase in revenue...
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