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The County Government of Homa Bay and UNHABITAT’s Urban Economy and Municipal Finance Branch are implementing the improvement and transformation of Nyakwere open-air market. This involves the improvement of the sanitation, security, space and the overall sustainability of Nyakwere market. These interventions aim at using such improvements as an economic catalyst to bring about an increase in land values, investments and trade. The USD 250,000 project constitutes planning, construction and managing.

Nyakwere open-air market serves over 20,000 people in Wang’chieng’ ward, most of whom are subsistence farmers and small-scale traders. Market days are attended by neighbouring counties such as Kisumu, Kisii, Migori, Kericho and Siaya. However, the markets in Nyakwere are very unpredictable due to dependence on weather conditions. Its current dire status has also triggered anger between aggrieved traders and revenue collectors, affecting the collection of fees and sometimes paralyzing collection completely.

Upgrading the market is expected to reduce unpredictability caused by weather conditions which would effectively increase operational time and the number of people trading.

It is also expected that such improvement will encourage compliance and increase collection of fees. Furthermore, improvement of the Nyakwere market is expected to trigger a ripple effect in the area by increasing economic activity and reducing the level of unemployment.

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