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Governor Awiti Meets BMU to boost Beach trade

H.E Governor Awiti held discussions with Homa Bay Beach Management Unit in efforts to improve maritime trade in the county’s lake regions.

He was speaking to the fishermen in Homa Bay town when he emphasized the importance of blue economy in the reviving of economic activities along the beaches.

“We are working in consultation with the national government to set up a fish processing plant in Sindo, a development target that will enhance value addition in the fish industry within the county.”

The newly re-elected Homa Bay BMU chairman, Mr. Edward Oremo appealed to the county government to ensure protection of revenue collected within the beaches.

Governor Awiti assured fishermen that his administration will ensure they work closely with them as agents to ensure streamlined collection of revenue along the beaches.

He later thanked the county assembly for being the third county to pass the BBI constitutional ammendment bill, 2020.

Deputy Governor H.E Hamilton Orata, County commissioner, Mr. Moses Lilan, County Executive Member for Fisheries, Mr. Aguko Juma were among officials present at the meeting.

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