Functions of this Ministry

  • County Environment Policy
  • Mining and Minerals Development Policy
  • National Environmental Management Authority services
  • Coordination of Climate Change Affairs
  • Coordination Meteorological Department Affairs
  • Energy Policy and Development
  • Hydropower Development
  • Geothermal exploitation and development
  • Thermal power development
  • Renewable energy development
  • Green Energy Development
  • Energy Regulation, Security and Conservation
  • Fuel Energy Exploitation and Exploitation
  • Rural Lighting Programme
  • Coordination of Rural Electrification Programme
  • Alternative Energy Programme
  • Environmental Conservation Protection
  • A forestation and Re-a forestation Programme
  • Energy regulation organizations
  • Coordination of Forestry Environment Policy
  • Control and Regulation of Mineral sites
  • Exploitation of Mineral sites.




  • A total of 650 market solar lights installed in 40 wards, improving security in market centers and extending business hours for small scale traders.
  • A total of over 800 primary and secondary schools supplied with power through partnership with REA and KPL, bringing electricity closer to the people and 156 schools far from the grid supplied with solar systems.
  • Total number of electricity connections through partnership with KPL increased from 10,000 in 2013 to 38,000 representing an increase from 3% to 19%.
  • A Sh 8b solar energy project due to start on Nyakwere hills. Others earmarked for Kabondo, Ndhiwa and  some islands  on  Lake Victoria.
  • The “Boresha Umeme” project jointly undertaken with the Kenya Power Company, tremendously reduced power outage problem in Homa Bay.
  • Uptake of alternative low cost clean energy technologies increased significantly with the help of Non-Governmental partners. According to a recent USAID report, Homa Bay was the leading county in adoption of clean energy in Kenya.

On-going construction of  a Sh  2.6  Billion Sub Station at Ongeng’ in Ndhiwa  sub county  to improve reliability and quality of  power  supply to  Homa bay  and environs.

On-going Mapping of mineral resources was done in Homa Bay County and a report submitted to the department.