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Awiti   Donates 100 Iron  Sheets   to  ‘Nyakoi”   Victims.

The County Government  of  Homa Bay   rushed  to the rescue  of the more than  70 families  that were left homeless  by  devastating  winds   and storms  , known as  “Nyakoi”  in the outskirts of   Homa  Bay town last week.

Governor Cyprian Awiti visited the victims at  Wahambla in Homa Bay  Sub county   and  Kochia  in Rangwe where he donated  100  Irion sheets.

The County Government had earlier teamed up with disaster teams from the Kenya   Red  Cross   and the  Medicines  Sans  Frontiers (MSF) in distributing food  and blankets to the victims.

Speaking when he distributed the iron sheets,   Mr  Awiti   said  deforestation   around   the  lake and on surrounding hills    had exposed homes,  schools and churches   to  storms.

He  said  his  government  has  started   an afforestation campaign to help increase  the forest

“The Climate change is real.   These natural disasters   we are experiencing are  as a result  of  environmental degradation,”  said  Mr  Awiti.

He added: “ It is  good  no life was lost but   the damage is  enormous.   I wish to thank Red  Cross ,  MSF  and other development partners   for  helping the  victims.”

Mr  Awiti  distributed  300  and  700  iron sheets   at Wahambla  and   Kochia  villagers respectively.

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