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griculture is the mainstay of Homabay County. Major food and cash crops in the county include maize, sugarcane, sweet potato, banana, groundnuts, sunflower, cotton, pineapples, and soya beans. Massive agribusiness opportunities are available in production and processing of maize, sweet potato, banana, cassava, groundnuts, pineapples, cotton, and sunflower, for the local and international markets.


Homabay County has massive tourism investment opportunities. The county is home to the famous Ruma National Park, and historical islands like Rusinga Island, beautiful islands, valleys and hills. Eighty percent of Kenya’s Lake Victoria is in Homabay County. Massive investments are targeted in five star beach hotels, beach resorts, lake sports, island gated communities.


Homabay County government is mobilizing investors to invest in innovative and high value water sports and sporting activities. Water sports is an innovative and high value business in developed economies. Since over 80% of Kenya’s Lake Victoria is in Homabay County, lake sports and sporting activities is expected to increase the number of local and international tourists. Apart from investing in water sports, opportunities are also available for the development of talent academies in the county to nurture the creative talents of the youth in the County.


Homabay is a fishing county. Almost 80% of Kenya’s Lake Victoria is in Homabay. Major freshwater lake fish species found in the county include Nile perch, tilapia, omena/ dagaa, among others. Apart from direct lake fishing, investment in fish farming using ponds is needed to reduce the stress on fishing in the lake. While Homabay is a major producer of fresh lake fish in Kenya, the county lacks a fish processing plant/ factory. Investment in fish processing is required to improve the value of fish from the county.

Housing/Urban Planning

Low cost houses are required in the major urban towns within the county. Homabay, Mbita, Oyugis, Kendubay, Ndhiwa require decent and affordable houses for the rising urban population. Homabay has large quarries and the best sand deposits, critical for massive housing development schemes. Investments in low cost housing are critical for the success of the county urban development strategy.


Improved transport and infrastructure network in the county is an important investment opportunity.And Innovative and cost effective road construction and improvement strategies are required to jump-start the county’s economy. Apart from investments in road transport, investments are needed in lake transport. Lake transport will improve not only inter-county trade, but will promote trade between Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.[/toggle]


Opportunities are available in the water and sanitation sector. Almost 1 million people living in the County need clean and safe water, and sanitation services. The County has natural water springs for investors keen on bottled spring water. Sanitation marketing can generate massive income for investors and revenue for the county. The county government is encouraging private and commercial sectors and individuals to invest water and sanitation in the county.

Health Services

Homabay County has some of the worst health indicators nationally. Improving these indicators require concerted efforts and investments in health services. Investments are required in improving the county’s health systems, including the development of a county referral and teaching hospital.


Developing an effective and efficient human capital is critical to the success of Homabay County.Investing in early childhood education programs, quality primary and secondary schools and tertiary institutions is a key priority of the county government. Opportunities are available in Homabay for the private and commercial sectors to invest in quality basic education, including the establishment of a university in the county. The County requires model kindergartens (ECDE) centers, quality private primary and secondary schools, and commercial colleges.


Homabay county has abundant sources of clean energy, including wind and solar. Electricity can also be generated at the Mbita-Rusinga Cause way, and geothermal in Rachuonyo. The success of the other investments in the county depends heavily on the availability of alternative sources of energy, more so clean energy. The County has large deposits of iron ore, and unexplored oil deposits. The county government welcomes investments in all sources of energy, and will create enabling environment for investments in clean energy.

Youth/Women Focused Enterprises

Homabay county government encourages value adding investments that build and promote income for youth and women. Engaging the youth and women, who are the majority, in productive and sustainable business enterprises has the capacity to positively transform the economy of the county. Youth and women focused investments are encouraged to build cottage industries and business enterprises that use locally available resources like commercial poultry farming, juice making (using tomato, pineapples, guava, mango), crisps and french fries (chips) processing using sweet potato,
banana, cassava.

Stone Cutting/Sand Harvesting

Homabay has a lot quarry sites for building stones, and large sand deposits. Stone cutting and sand harvesting are important business opportunities for investors keen on supporting the housing industry. The sand and stones from Homabay has built towns in neighbouring Kisii, Kericho and Migori Counties. The County government is working on a legislation that will make stone cutting and sand harvesting not only profitable but also sustainable.