County government of Homa Bay in partnership with the state ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Planning has secured Sh119 million for infrastructural development.

World Bank under the Kenya Urban Support Programme has financed the county with the objective being, to establish and strengthen urban institutions to deliver improved infrastructure and services in Homa Bay.

During a press briefing at the county headquarters, Governor Awiti said the county has been working closely with the state department of Urban Planning and the World Bank to provide direct support to Homa Bay and other rural counties as envisioned in the Vision 2030 Plan.

“We are ready to establish institutions that will spearhead development as envisioned in my manifesto (2017-2022) pillar of making our towns and urban centers more sustainable,” he said.

The state ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Planning have rolled out plans to fund 45 rural based counties with Sh2.7 billion.

“We shall avail funds to the county government to spur institutional development within Homa Bay town once they meet the conditions set by the state ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development,” said Mr. Mabeya Mogaka, Director of Administration.

He said the programme targets the Homa Bay town population as primary beneficiaries with goals to bring infrastructural development. The county government will receive Sh20 million during the first phase to constitute boards and build capacity of institutions to enable them deliver services and spur development. Homa Bay will be given the grant to implement infrastructural development under the County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP 2017-2022) and also based on the 2009 census report.